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Nail treatments

Manicure   R270  
Manicure Mini   R170  
Princess Manicure   R130  
French Manicure   R280  
Pedicure   R310  
Pedicure Mini   R260  
Princess Pedicure   R150  
French Pedicure   R310  
Pedicure Men   R230  
File and paint   R130  
Princess File & Paint   R70  
File & Paint French   R140  
Revarnish   R80  
Nail Repair   R70  
Nail Repair with Tip   R60  
Heel Peel Treatment   R110  


Shellac Treatments

Soak off ( with re- application of shellac) R70  
Soak off ( with out re - application of shellac) R120  
Shellac Manicure R410  
Shellac without Manicure R310  
Shellac French with Manicure R440  
Shellac French without Manicure R330  
Shellac pedicure R450  
Shellac without Pedicure R310  
Shellac French with Pedicure R490  
Shellac French without Pedicure R310  


Acrylic treatments

Acrylic Soak Off R130  
Acrylic Full Set of Tips R570  
Acrylic Full Set of Tips with French Overlay R600  
Acrylic Natural Overlay R520  
Acrylic Full Set of tips with Shellac R720  
Acrylic Overlay with Shellac R550  
Acrylic Refill R450  
Acrylic Refill with Shellac R500  
Acrylic Nail Repair R50  


Body treatments

Holistic massage (90min)     R810  
Holistic Massage (60min)     R730  
Holistic back & Neck massage (45 min)     R600  
Holistic back & Neck massage (30 min)     R380  
Holistic Hands / Feet Massage (30 min)     R220  
Tan Lab spray tan     R390  


Facial Treatments

Dermalogica facial (60min)   R790  
Dermalogica Bio Surface peel (60min)   R870  
Teenage facial (45min)   R620  
RegimA facial peel (45min)   R600  
QMS Collagen rejuvenation treatment (90min)   R950  
QMS Deep cleansing intense treatment (60min)   R850  
QMS Activator facial treatment (90min)   R950  
QMS Sensitive skin re-balance treatment (60min)   R800  

VI Soft Chemical Peel (30min)


Hair removal

    Waxing Sugaring  
Full Face   R260 R300  
Eyebrow   R110 R130  
Upper lip   R90 R110  
Cheeks & sideburns   R140 R200  
Chin   R90 R110  
Full leg & Full Bikini   R550 R640  
Full Leg   R280 R430  
3/4 leg   R220 R320  
1/2 leg / back / chest   R180 R250  
Standard Bikini   R150 R220  
Brazillian   R280 R370  
G-String   R300 R410  
Hollywood   R340 R440  
Under Arm   R120 R140  
Full Arm   R170 R240  
Half Arm   R140 R180  

IPL Hair Removal

Lip, chin, brow, or areola     R390  
Forehead or Cheeks     R650  
Back of neck     R720  
Face excluding forehead     R650  
Face including forehead     R1000  
Underarm or bikini sides     R650  
G-string     R1100  
Half arm     R1500  
Full bikini or chest or stomach     R1900  
Full arm or half leg or half back     R1900  
Full leg or full back     R3200  
Belly button path     R420  


IPL Rejuvenation

Face including neck & decollate   R2600  
Face & neck   R1600  
Face   R1300  
Lower arms   R1600  
Full arms   R2300  
Decollate   R1100  
Hands or neck   R610  
Vein Thread 1   R495  
Vein Thread 2   R650  
Sunspots 1   R495  
Sunspots 2   R640  


Permanent Make-Up

Microblading 1st Session R2400  
Microblading 2nd Session R880  
Powder Brows 1st Session R2200  
Powder Brows 2nd Session R750  
Eye Lash Enhancement liner R1800  
Velvet Lips 1st Session R3000  
Velvet Lips 2nd Session R850  

Eye treatments

Classic Eyelash Extension (90min) R1100  
Classic Eyelash Extension Re - Fill (60min) R550  
Volume Extensions (120min) R1300  
Volume Extensions Refill (90min) R650  
Eyebrow Tint R110  
Eyelash Tint R150  
LVL Lashes R700  
HD Brows R350  
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