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Wonder how the Kardashians perfect that brow? It's microblading - the latest tech to on fleek eye.

International brow guru and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Anastasia Soare gives us the low down on this process:

WHAT IS MICROBLADING: So you've tried temporary brow gels and pencils, to permanent brow tattoos but nothing seems to give you a natural-looking perfect brow. Introducing microblading. This technique is a form of tattooing; hair-like strokes are drawn onto the skin to mimic natural hair strands. The pigments penetrate the skin, but don't go as deep into the skin as permanent tattoos.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST: Microblading is not permanent make-up because the technique allows a certain amount of pigment to be imbedded into the skin, which means it could completely fade away over time. Your skin type and aftercare regime plays a huge role in the staying power of the treatment. The average person will need colour enhancement after two to three years.

DURATION: Your first session will take an hour and half. The consultation is actually longer than the actual procedure. During that time, you tell the skin therapist what shape, shade and desired look you're after. The numbing process takes up to 20 minutes.

LEVEL OF PAIN: You will experience some discomfort. The pain will be reduced by the anaesthetic. It's a quick procedure so the pain you'll experience will be shortlived. Ultimately it depends on the client's pain threshold.

SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP: Getting your brows done by a professional is a must. There's just no substiture for an outside perspective on eyebrows. Most women need their brows done every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on your hair growth.

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering eyelash extensions, permanent makeup and the revolutionary VI Peels!


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